Our Story Is As Beautiful As The Stones We Share

Stone Eagle began With A Conversation Between Friends

Stone Eagle began with a conversation between friends that led to a partnership built on trust and a mutual respect for the vibrational energy and healing properties of natural materials. 

Already recognised as Australia’s leading trainer in stone massage therapies, Sandra Jones-Rider was seeking a better alternative to basalt stones. Basalt stones are mass produced in China, don’t hold heat well and are often a source of cross-contamination between clients, with the porous nature of the rock making cleaning both difficult and time consuming.  

A close friend who understood the energy of stones, and had spent much of his life devoted to his practice living in an ashram, offered to use his lapidary machine to craft a set of granite stones, rich in heat-retaining quartz. 

And so Stone Eagle was born.

The name Stone Eagle was chosen for the eagle’s representation of the message of the spirit – its personification of man’s connection to the divine, freedom, courage and truth.

Combining stones and training, Sandra took over the business in 2013 and today offers bespoke stone therapy development, training clinics and onsite training around Australia with the support of her team.

The range of stones on offer has also grown, reflecting an evolving global awareness of the healing properties of materials sourced from the earth. 

Stone Eagle is the only provider to offer accredited training in Facial stone application and Indian Head Stone massage; and in using stones for unique course in Chakra Body Balancing.

Meet The Team

Sandra Jones-Rider

Owner and Sacred Stone Trainer

With over 20 years experience as a Beauty Therapist and highly regarded Therapeutic and Remedial Massage Therapist, Sandra Jones-Rider is an expert in her field. Sandra’s experience encompasses a broad spectrum of therapies: Shiatsu, Indian Head, Lomi Lomi ,Acupressure, Reiki 1 and 2, Dr Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Complex Decongestive Therapy, along with personal experience gained working in the United States where she was trained in many different wet room treatments and hydrotherapy applications.Sandra’s knowledge of Crystal therapies and Massaging with Stone is unparalleled, she is the master curator of Stone Eagle Massage Stones and Senior Trainer and program developer of Stone Eagle Training. She also holds a Cert 4 In Workplace Training and assessment.Having studied extensively in America and Australia, she has combined her knowledge and skills to create many unique and powerful stone massage techniques to enhance your salon’s service menu and prevent injury for your team and clients.

Brett Smith

Craftsman + Stone Creator

As the original Creator of Stone Eagle. Bretts love for stones started from an early age. As a man with deep spiritual practices that began when he was part of an ashram from 18 years of age. Brett feels a deep connection with the stones when he is working with them and has a unique ability to meditate with the stone while he charges it with healing energy. Brett loves seeing the stones go to their new homes in the hands of Therapists  that are open to receiving the joy of what these crafted stones have to offer.

Hannah Johnston

Trainer – QLD

Joining Stone Eagle in early 2018, Hannah brings a wealth of experience in massage techniques for injury treatment and prevention and pregnancy, along with special techniques for elderly and baby clients. This knowledge complements her training delivery in hot stone, Indian head stone, crystal stone facial and crystal chakra body balance techniques. Hannah is driven by her joy for helping other therapists learn important skills that support their own wellbeing – and well as their clients. And, she says, of course watching students float out of sessions having experienced these same amazing techniques is always an honour! 

Clay ‘GraniteMan’ Rider

Craftsman + Stone Turner

In his role as craftsman of Stone Eagle Massage Stones, Clay pairs his incredible eye for detail with a solid respect for the energy, colour and flow of each stone into the spiritual journey it takes to select, craft and honour each set. As co-owner of Stone Eagle Massage Stones & Training, Clay ensures that every set is crafted not just to the highest standard, but that the energy, purity and purpose of the stones is respected throughout the process, from initial selection through to the final blessing ceremony all Stone Eagle stones receive before they travel to their new homes.

The name Stone Eagle was chosen for the eagle’s representation of the message of the spirit – its personification of man’s connection to the divine, freedom, courage and truth.