Chakra Stones and how to place them on the Body

So our Chakra Stone Set is very powerful at healing our Chakras. I’m just going to take you through the placement and explain each stone as I go, and what it can do to help your Chakra’s. The first one is red jasper, which is for your base chakra. So we start just above the pubic area, and we can place the stone on there. Red Jasper is a very nurturing stone that gently stimulates the base chakra. It has a very grounding energy and it re-energizes the body, but also protects and strengthens your boundaries. 

The next stone we have is our carnelian, and that actually sits on the sacral chakra. Carnelian is a high energy and stabilizing stone that is good for restoring vitality. It stimulates creativity and encourages steadfastness. It helps with shock and trauma by stabilising you.

 The next Chakra is our Solar Plexus. So we have moved up slightly and you can see we’ve got about an inch gap between each one. The Yellow Jade is for the Solar Plexus. This stone energizes and stimulates in a very mellow way. It brings joy and happiness and also stabilizes the personality. It will release negative thoughts and soothes the mind.

 The next Chakra is our heart chakra that’s in between the breasts. We actually have two stones here, we have our green aventurine, which is a general harmonizer that heals and protects the heart and the rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It purifies and opens the heart chakra. I actually often like to either put them one above the other or side by side.  

Next one is our throat chakra. We use our sodalite which is a blue coloured stone. So you can place that on the throat. I always like to have a sheet or a towel in between. Sodalite is good for communication and integrity. It helps one to speak their truth. It brings emotional balance and enhances the self esteem. 

The third eye is next, which is right in between the eyebrows and we are going to use our Amethyst today. We have a nice cute little heart and I place right in between the brows. Amethyst is very powerful. It’s a very protective stone that cleanses the aura and balances the physical, mental and emotional bodies. It helps to alleviate sadness and grief. 

Last is our clear quartz and that is for our Crown Chakra. What I do with this is tuck it underneath the head. It’s a master healer that we can use for any condition. It has a cleansing effect on the entire body. It harmonizes all the chakras and aligns the subtle bodies. So it’s a fantastic stone to have. 

So you can see this is our alignment for Chakra Balancing. I hope you found that helpful. Thanks for listening.

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