Cold Stone Sets

These stones come as a set or individually. The Set consists of 9 stones made from blue ice crystal found in the Chillagoe region of Queensland. Or Choose the Carrara Marble from Italy and handcrafted by us. The set consists of 1 large stone for placement, 3 x medium palm stones, 3x oblong Stones, 2 x small face stones.

You can also buy these stones individually if you prefer. It is important to understand why we use cold stones in a treatment. The cold helps to reduce congestion in the tissue and stimulates the blood lymph exchange which helps to remove excess build up of latic acid in the tissue. Cold is a powerful soothing treatment that will allow you to achieve greater results with your treatments.

Please avoid using them anywhere near the kidney area or under the foot or the side of the neck because it can cause these areas to spasm. With the combination of Hot and Cold you will get great results that are lasting.