Crystal Wands

Wands can be used heated or chilled and come in a variety of crystals and semi precious stones. They are shaped larger at one end so you can hold the thinner end and make sure that the wand has better contact with the face for the most effective results.

The Stones

Stone Wands

Bloodstone wand- calming and soothing. It brings joy and tranquility

Stromalite- healing on an emotional level

Beryl wand- healing the throat chakra

Rhodonite Wand- Helps to draw in healing to the heart

Red Jasper Wand- Grounding and strengthening

Leopardite Wand-connects to your inner wisdom

Spotted Jasper- grounding and nurturing

Rose Quartz wand- Healing and soothing

Black Obsidian- Grounding and protective

Lepidolite wand- open up the 3rd eye chakra and allow for inner healing

Tigers eye wand- Brings good luck and brings mental clarity