Hand & Feet Sets

A set that effectively works for lower legs and feet as well as forearms and hands. Comes with a combination of hot and cold stones and bodhi stone. This set includes Dreamtime Granite Stones 2 x Teardrop, 2 x Oblong 2 x Small Stones, 1x Oblong Blue Ice Crystal, I x Round Bodhi Stone and set of Toe Stones

This set is a great addition to have if you are wanting to massage the lower legs, feet, arms and hands with hot stones. It comes complete with one cold stone that you can use on the legs and arms but be sure to do no use cold on the bottom of the feet as it will make the tendon spasm and you don’t want to do that to your client.

You can find out more about how to use the hot and cold stones correctly with my Hot Stone Pamper Course that focuses on massaging these areas. You will also get one bodhi round stone to use in these areas. The bodhi stone is a great addition to any set as it has many benefits of massaging the whole body.