Healing Properties of the Stones

I would like to talk to you a little further about more healing properties of stones. 


‘Granite’ itself has wonderful healing properties. This stone is a great balance of water and earth, emotions and practicality. Earth helps water to keep its deep emotions in check. ‘Granite’ is wonderful for allowing for increased protection and abundance. So this stone works really well in skepticism. It allows for discretion, and it removes negativity. It’s a really wonderful relationship balancer as well. It helps you understand the big picture so it truly is a wonderful stone. 

Dreamtime Granite

Crocodile Jasper

The next one we have is the ‘Crocodile Jasper’, which is a beautiful stone as you can see. ‘Crocodile Jasper’ is wonderful for opening up your intuition, so it’s really good for the third eye chakra but it’s also known to balance the heart chakra as well. Therefore it’s quite a mystical stone. Very beautiful.


The following one we have is an Amazonite. This is a Stone for drawing love into your life. So good for people who can’t find that perfect person. They should carry it around with them. But an ‘Amazonite’ as you can see is quite similar to ‘Turquoise’ as well. A beautiful stone.


Then we have our ‘Carnelian’ that can come in richer yellow colours as well. It has a high energy and stabilizing factor that helps to restore your vitality and it’s also good in time of depression. It opens up the heart chakra as well and is wonderful for your metabolism. That also is a beautiful stone.


Lastly, we have ‘Marble’. By itself it is a healing stone. ‘Marble’ is a cleansing stone that is beneficial for the blood, skin and immune system. It helps with clarity and for meditation. It provides strength of self control and mastery of thoughts. Another wonderful stone.

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