Hot Stone Set – 20 Pieces

This set is designed for those who are starting out with Hot Stones and would like to include it in their service menu. It includes Placement Stones as well as Working Stones and toe stones. It is available in Australian Granites and Marbles as well as Crystal sets and Semi Precious Stones.

Placement stones are for your client when they are laying face down and you need to warm up the back muscles before you start working on their back aches and pains.

Placement Stone should always be placed on top of a towel and not directly onto the skin. The other stones fit perfectly in the hand to work through the different muscles in the body.

Toe stones are designed to fit comfortably in between the stones to stimulate energy and relax your client.

The Stones

Dreamtime Granite

Australian Black Jade

Pilbara Green Marble

Asoria Gold Marble

Lapis Lazuli