In Person Training

In-Person Training Courses

Hot Stone In Person Training

This course will cover aspects of thermotherapy and how to apply the principles of only using heated stones within the massage.

Hot Stone Massage Training

Indian Head Stone In Person Training

Incorporate hot and cold stones into an aromatic Indian Head Massage to reduce strain on Therapist wrists and give your client extra relaxation through the application of hot stones and relieve congestion with cold stones.

Crystal Stone Facial In Person Training

Imagine a facial that not only gives your clients an incredible visible result but helps to balance their body, mind and soul through harmonising of the chakras with the diverse range of crystals used within the treatment.

Chakra Body Balance In Person Training

Join us for an amazing healing day of learning. We teach how to harmonise the Chakras through specialised massage techniques using healing crystal Stones.

Heated & Chilled Stone 2 Day In Person Training

An advanced course in using Heated & chilled Stones in a remedial, therapeutic Massage. We use 56 Stones to work on the body and get dynamic results for your clients as well as saving your wrists and thumbs.

Myofacial, Lymph Drainage and Anti Ageing Stone Facial In Person Training

Coming Soon!

We also can do Hot Stone Massage Training by request.

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