Indian Head Sets

A combination of Hot and Cold Stones to deliver a complete Indian Head Stone Treatment. It includes 6 small facial stones, 6 Oblong stones and 4 medium Stones for the Hot Component and 4 Cold Stones in Blue Ice Crystal.

A seated massage designed to relax all the stress points of the upper body. Working on the upper back, Arms, Neck, decolletage , head and face.

With an application of hot and cold stones we can relieve the stress points by using slow rythmatic moves that give time for muscles to absorb the heat which will allow it to relax the superficial muscles. It works to relax and restore the muscles that are tight and congested in the upper back, neck and arm area.

When we work on the head we use the heated stone to relax the fascia of the scalp and release stress and tension. When using the cold stones it will speed up the blood lymph exchange so that the body will remove toxins and restore harmony.

This treatment is based on ayurvedic principles and works on the chakra points on the body by working through the crown chakra to the heart chakra. The stones available in the set work perfectly on all these areas in the Indian Head Massage.

The smaller stones work on the pressure points and the head and face. The oblong stones work the upper back, especially the shoulders and rhomboid muscles. The Stones are designed to take the pressure off the wrists and thumbs for the therapist but still allow for deeper muscle work. The palm stones help to relax and ground your clients.

The Cold stones work anywhere on these areas but are most effective on the upper back and face.

The Stones

Pilbara Green Marble Indian Head Set

Kakadu Indian Head Set

Dreamtime Granite Indian Head Set