Indian Head Stone Training

Learn how to :

  • Incorporate hot and cold stones into An Aromatic Indian Head Massage to reduce strain on Therapist wrists and give your client extra relaxation through the application of hot stones and relieve congestion with cold stones.
  • Indian Head Massage is a seated massage treatment that applies the principles of the ancient art of Head Massage and Therapeutic essential oils and Hot Stones.
  • Indian Head massage works on the physical, Mental and subtle levels. It is a specific therapy for the head, neck, shoulders and upper arms and upper back Massage.
  • Now combined with working on the lower legs and feet using Hot and Cold Stones. Bring your business to the next level with this combination

Indian Head Massage and its benefits

It is a safe, simple yet effective therapy renowned for relieving symptoms of stress. The beauty of the treatment is that it can be given fully clothed, and there is no need for a treatment table either.

So, it is versatile, in that it can be carried out anywhere, any place and any time; it is non-invasive, so perfect for shy clients; or anyone is not particularly believing in complementary therapies and their effects. and it is ideal for all the family, even pregnant mums, Mothers, Fathers & Grandparents

There are a wide number of benefits to be had from treatment with Indian Head Massage, both psychological and physical. These include:

  • Antidote to stress, anxiety and mental tension
  • Clears the mind and revitalized mental capacity, so improving alertness and concentration
  • General ‘balancing’, giving a sense of calm and peace
  • Calms the respiratory system
  • Improves blood circulation to the head and neck
  • Increased blood flow enhances nourishment to the muscles which can promote hair growth
  • Improves lymphatic drainage from the head and neck
  • Improves muscle tone and mobility in the head, neck and shoulder area
  • Increases circulation of cerebral spinal fluid around the brain
  • Physically revitalising
  • Relieves mental and physical strain, so helping to improve concentration and productivity
  • Relieves eyestrain, headaches, sinusitis, congestion and insomnia

Workshop is 1 day COST $355

Manuals are provided for all classes

The Art Of Indian Head and Soothing Feet Therapy

A soulful journey with our Indian Head Stone Training, a one-day immersion that transcends the ordinary. This unique course not only delves into the ancient art of Indian Head Massage, but also extends the therapeutic touch to the lower leg and feet using the soothing embrace of hot and cold stones.

Discover the profound meditative and therapeutic benefits as you master the art of balancing energies and releasing tension. Our expert instructors guide you through the intricacies of Indian Head Massage, unlocking the secrets to deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

As you seamlessly integrate hot and cold stones into your practice, witness the transformative power they bring to the lower leg and feet massage. Learn how this dynamic combination not only elevates the client’s experience but also enhances the therapeutic outcomes, creating a holistic sense of well-being.

This course is more than training; it’s an exploration of mindful touch, a harmonious dance of stones and hands, fostering a serene environment for both practitioner and client. Join us on this meditative odyssey and emerge not just as a skilled therapist but as a bearer of profound healing energies.