Marma Face Lift Step By Step

Hi guys, today I’m going to show you doing marma points in the face, we’re actually going to do a little mini facelift using the crystal stones and pressing on the marma points. So first of all, we’ll need to put our massage medium on the face, we don’t need too much, I like to use aromatherapy oils. So I’m just going to do a little bit of Prana heating by rubbing my hands together and get my client to smell the aroma oils and then I just place my hands over the face initially, it’s just for connection with your clients a couple of deep breaths in and out. Then we can apply our massage medium.

So I’m going to count through the points in this situation where you need to put the stones to give them maximum effect of a facelift. So point one is right in the middle of the eyebrow, so all we do is place our stone. Push down. And then do just some slight rotation. Marma points of the energy points where there’s a condensed amount of energy in this point.

Position two is just under the corner of the eyebrow, so we’re actually going to push up, it’s a sinus point. So using two stones, pushing up on the brow bone and holding.

Then stroking out to the edge of the eyebrow. We’re going to now press down gently and hold do little circular moves. Now we’re going to come right out onto the temple. And just do rotation moves through here.

From here, we actually come out onto the ear. So the top of the ear squeezing, stone is sitting on top of the ear with the finger underneath.

Then we come down to the lobe and squeeze.

Our next position is going to come on to the face now. And it’s actually at the corner of the nose. So we come out from the corner of the nose and we actually push down into the face and hold.

Then we come out to the corner of the mouth and pushing down. Kind of like we’re pushing down towards the teeth and add little circular moves

Then we actually come to the bottom of the lip and push up and do circular moves.

Not quite done yet. We’re going to come up with one stone pushing up on to the bottom of the lip underneath.

Then we come out to the crevice of the chin and push

We then stroke out under the jaw line several times.

Now the best way to do this treatment is we alternate with hot stones and then we come in with our cold stones, then we can go back to hot and cold. So we repeat this quite a few times. It’s a powerful treatment. And like I said it’s just like giving your client a facelift.

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