Massaging the neck and the head with hot stones

We constantly get asked about the uniquely shaped Massage Tool stone we have created here at Stone Eagle and how exactly to use it during treatment. Instead of just rambling on about how to use it, I felt the best way to explain it was to show you a demonstration on the Head and Neck with the stones.

The treatment is the perfect 10-minute treatment for your client, a great addition to your existing menu as an add-on. The stone types you will find in the video below are Azoria Gold and Pilbara green, both have been preheated to the correct temperature.

Step 1: As always, ensure you have prepped your client by covering the massage area with oil. To begin any treatment you must remember to cool the stone down, today we are cooling it down on the outer part of the arm.
Step 2: Holding your stones, as shown above, move into the upper trap, following up to the back of the neck. When you are following up the neck you want to stay close to the spine.
Step 3: Rotate the neck to one side so that the other is exposed. Remember, with your stones, to always stay behind the ear; never go in front. Here, we are just going to massage the muscles up into the occiput. Don’t be afraid to use a bit of pressure.
Step 4: You will notice that I come up along the muscles and anchor into the occiput. When I anchor down, I begin to massage in little rotations. These are the insertion points of the muscles. It truly feels amazing and helps to release the muscles of those who have migraines and/or tension in this area.
Step 5: Continue to rotate the stone and move inwards, we do this a few times to ensure the area is nice and warm.
Step 6: Next you’re going to make your way onto the head and around the temple, moving around the temple and then rotating back. It is really important to remember to not pull at the hair.
Step 7: Here we are just smoothly transitioning and anchoring into the scalp, keeping firm pressure, we then move back down. Repeating this step about 3 times.
Step 8: Next we are going to come through the ear lobe. All you need to do is put your fingers underneath, with the stone sitting on top, it is like a little groove. Here you just squeeze the stone down and lightly pull.
Step 9: Repeat steps 1 through to 8 on the other side of the head and scalp.
Step 10: We begin by moving onto the face, coming through the third eye area. All I am doing here is pulling up through and then coming around, think of it as ironing out the frown lines.
Step 11: Next using one stone at a time, travel through the eyebrows, lifting up through the forehead, followed by moving down to the ears.
Step 12: After we have worked the face we move down to the d├ęcolletage, working through the pectoral muscles. There should be no pressure from you and no straining. Be careful not to hit the clavicle.
Step 13: We now complete a drainage move, out towards the armpits, repeat this step a few times.
Step 14: Always finish this treatment with some small rotations on the third eye.

This treatment is the perfect add-on to your massage menu, although is still a fantastic way to entice your clients into more of the hot stone realm and the real benefits it poses to them. You can use a range of stones with this treatment including your body stone (link). What we touched on was only a brief overview of this treatment – I encourage you to watch the entire video on our Youtube Channel to help you better understand the techniques used.

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