Mini Set – 6 Pieces

Designed for the therapist who wants to add some Hot Stones to their remedial massage. The benefit of using the stones relieves the pressure off the hands and thumbs allowing the stones to effectively relax the superficial muscles and allow for a deeper release of tension.

It includes 2 palm stones, 2 oblong stones and 2 round Bodhi Stones.

Our Mini Set is great for beginners for Hot Stones.

With this set you would require to still include using your hands because this is only a small set that would work great on areas that require you to work deeper to get results for tight muscles.

The Bodhi Stones are made of sedimentary Rock. The shape is effective on the neck area and the upper back as well as the gluets, legs and feet. The oblong stones are effective anywhere on the body.

They hold the heat very well and allow the muscles to relax better to release built up tension. The palm stones are great for warming up the body and working the legs and back.