Mini Treatment for the upper back

Your upper back holds so much tension, often leading to further pain in the neck area. Tension builds in the upper back area from incorrect posture, straining your neck if you work within an office job staring at your computer each day, or simply a build up of stress in your life.

The treatment I will be sharing with you today can be done with 4 simple yet effective stones – each with their own unique healing properties. Within the set, there are two oblong Sodalite stones and two green Jade Bodhi stones. Sodalite is the throat chakra stone, focused on clearing the throat charka, helping to bring communication, and helping you to hear. The energy of this stone may assist you in living up to your own ideas about the nature of the truth. Jade aligns perfectly with the heart; it holds purifying and protective properties to help release tension. The Chinese believed Jade held powerful properties and had the saying “Gold is valuable, but Jade is priceless.” 

To begin the treatment, you are going to want your client sitting on a chair with their chest leaning up against the back of the chair. You will have already oiled up the massage area with an appropriate oil and preheated your stones in a stone heater. 

Step 1: We are going to begin by warming our Sodalite stones on the back of the arm, where it is fleshier, ensuring we flip to not burn our hands. 
Step 2: Here, we are going to come down either side of the spine and back up, to warm up the area we will be working on. 
Step 3: Ensuring I am supporting the front of the client’s area, I am going to use one of my stones to work through the rhomboid area. Moving back and forth to break down the congestion in this area.
Step 4: Working nice and slowly, you can move up to the shoulder and also work this area. Moving in slow moves helps the heat really relax the muscles. 
Step 5: Ensuring you do not disconnect from your client, move to the other side, continuing to support them, and work in against the scapula. Don’t be afraid of being firm, just ensure you don’t work over any bone. 
Step 6: Supporting the front of the client’s shoulder, I am going to roll over the upper trap with one of my sodalite stones. You want to push and roll over this muscle, using more pressure at the start and releasing it towards the end. 
Step 7: Next grab your warmed Jade body stone, you can either use one or both depending on what you are comfortable with, working around the scapula area, fractioning back and forth. 
Step 8: Ensure you are working on each side of your client’s body evenly. 

This is a great quick treatment for your clients if you are looking to release a bit of tension for them. This treatment also has the ability to be built on, adding in further movements and focusing more on a treatment such as the Indian Head Stone massage. If you would like to learn more about this treatment please check out my training page

I have attached the full treatment video below so you are able to view it and take notes. 

Have a beautiful day, love and light,

Sandra Jones-Rider

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