Mookiate Jasper

Stone Eagle Massage Stones and Training are often trying to source the best quality stones to use in Hot Stone Treatments, Today I wanted to share with you the powerful Mookaite Stone. And it is an incredible stone that’s only found in Western Australia. Nowhere else in the world. It is quite a hard stone to find. And often you have to wait to get the highest quality to use unfortunately.

We make sets out of this stone purely because of the magic healing power. Mookaite Jasper means “ brings water” in Aboriginal language. This means the bringing of water is about nurturing and creativity. Mookaite stone is a powerful nurturer of the nurturer. People that are healers or Massage Therapists or Beauty Therapists or Crystal Therapists, when they use this stone, they’re nurturing themselves as well as nurturing their clients, which is a very powerful thing. When you’re doing your work every day all day, giving, giving giving, it can sometimes make you feel quite depleted. But if you work with this stone, it is incredible what it does for you. It really energizes you, grounds you and keeps you really focused on task.

I love this stone, I love wearing it, I actually have it at the moment in a little heart around me because I’ve had a lot of emotional stuff going on in my life recently. And I’ve found this stone is really helping to keep me grounded and focused. Often as a mother, as a wife and as a therapist, I find myself doing everything. And sometimes it can feel draining or hard. So that’s why I’ve been drawn to the stone because it keeps me light and happy.

Mookaite is a hard stone and a bit rare. So it tends to be a little bit more expensive, but it’s so worth it. I use these nearly every day in my treatments. ‘Cause I loooove Mookaite.

Love and light

Sandra Jones-Rider

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