Stone Heaters & Accessories

Crystal Eye Pillows

This is a Stone Eagle Design that allows you to do a complete Eye Treatment. The eye pillow is heated first and then applied to the clients eyes.

Perfect Potion Chakra Blend

Rebalance and harmonise your chakra energy centres with this unique blend of 25 essential oils.

Perfect Potion Green Goddess Oil

This Blend helps one appreciate th essence of nature, it nurtures and comforts, it pormotes self-awareness and wellbeing, and helps one to embrace new ideas.

Stone Boxes

Keep your stones in a safe box that you can carry with you anywhere. It includes silk bags to protect your stones.


Special Wear Apron with our Logo that holds your stones while working in different pockets for ease of use. Thick fabric is used to allow for the Hot Stones to retain their heat and for you not to get burnt.

If you want to keep your stones handy while you work on your client. Buy one of our specially designed Aprons. They have separate pockets so that you can place stones in different sides. The thick fabric keeps the stones hot and without burning you.

I find this apron the most effective when working with the Indian Head Massage because you keep your focus on your client without the distraction of going back to the heater all the time.