Our Stones’ Healing Properties.

I am incredibly passionate about Crystals and Stones and the remarkable healing properties each of them hold and how they can be used to help guide and heal us. Below you will find some more information on Stone Eagle’s favourite stones for Massage Treatments.

Granite: This stone has incredibly powerful healing properties, the stone itself is a wonderful balance of water and earth, emotions and practicality. The Earth helps water to keep its deep emotions in check. Granite is remarkable for allowing an increased protection and abundance. This stone works really well in skepticism. Allowing for discretion, and removing negativity. It is the perfect relationship balancer, helping you to understand the bigger picture.

Crocodile Jasper: This stone is truly beautiful, with its base of deep emerald green with murky swirls of lighter green. Crocodile Jasper works wonders for opening up your intuition. While it is known to work really well for the third eye Chakra, it works wonders for balancing the Heart Chakra. Therefore, making it quite a mystical stone. Truly beautiful.

Amazonite: This stone is used for drawing love into your life, perfect for those who can’t find the ‘perfect person’. They should carry this stone around with them. A breathtaking, beautiful stone, quite similar in appearance to Turquoise.

Carnelian: This stone can come in a range of colours. Carnelian has a high energy and stabilising factor, helping to restore vitality; it works wonders in times of depression. Assisting to open up the Heart Chakra, along with increasing metabolism.

Marble: One of the most popular stones around, yet not many people know its true benefits. Marble is a stone of cleansing, beneficial for the blood, skin, and immune system. This stone assists with clarity, and a deeper meditation. It provides strength in self-control and mastering thoughts.

You can find all these stones on our website stone-eagle.com

As always, Love and Light

Sandra Jones-Rider

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