Not sure what stone sets you are looking for? Struggling to find the perfect stone set for you? Look no further as we have customised three packages that suit everyones needs. We have created three packages to suit the different levels of expertise and your Budget. We have the beginner’s package for those who are just starting out. We have the intermediate package for those who are looking to develop their skills further into Hot Stone Massage. We have the Advanced Package for those who are looking to have  the ultimate package that covers all modalities of Stone Massage.

Beginner Package

  • The Therapist who is starting out in Hot Stone Massage.
  • The Therapist who wants something dynamic to their treatment menu; someone who wants to use diverse tools within their massage.
  • This package will include a Warm Stone Set and 6Lt Stone Heater. 
  • ​Cost is $600

Intermediate Package

  • The Therapist who wants to develop their skills into Hot Stone Massage as well as using cold stones to increase the powerful effect of the treatment.
  • This package is for the therapist who wants to add a dynamic facial treatment using heated and chilled crystal stone facials.
  • This package includes a Warm Stone Set, Crystal Stone Facial Set and a 6lt Stone Heater
  • Cost is $960

Advanced Package

The ultimate package to suit the Therapist who wants it all.

  • For the advanced therapist who is confident and established in their stone massage knowledge and skill.
  • This package is for those who want to add diversity to their service menu and impress their clients.
  • This package includes Professional Full Body Stone Set, Indian Head Set, Crystal Facial Set and 18L Stone Heater. 
  • Cost is $2995