Professional Set – 56 Pieces

A professional set covers all placement stones for the back, Chakra Set for the front, neck, sacrum and hand stones as well as palm working stones and oblong working stones to massage the body.

We have a complete 9 set piece of Blue Ice Crystal that goes with this set and toe stones. This set is the ultimate in Hot Stone Treatment.

It comes with a training DVD to show you how to use the stones.

It also comes with net bags to hold the different placement stones in.

If you are serious about doing Hot Stone Massage then this is the set for you. It includes the spinal layout, Chakra Layout, Hand and neck stones for placement. Working stones come in 8 medium palm stone and 8 Oblong working stones. 2 x acupressure stones and 2 facial stones which can be used Hot.

The sets are available in Dreamtime Granite, Pilbara Green Marble and Azoria Gold Marble as well as Semi Precious stones of Mookaite or Lapis Lazuli. We can do them in Crystals of Amythest or Rose Quartz.

The Stones

Daintree Professional Set

Azoria Gold Professional Set