Sneak Peak: Heart Harmony Treatment

I thought I would give you all a little sneak peak into one of the sections of Stone Eagle’s new Heart Harmony Treatment. This new treatment has a focus on Heart healing through heated crystal stones and nurturing flowing techniques.

To begin the treatment, I have my client laying down with the Chakra stones placed on them, including the Rose Quartz Heart on the Heart Chakra.

Step 1: Oil up the arms, neck and décolletage, doing both of them at the same time. Using the Carnelian and Rose Quartz I begin with the arms, drawing in the décolletage at the same time. 

Using the Carnelian stone on top and the Rose Quartz Oblong underneath, squeezing down the arm, ending in the hand.

Step 2: On the way back up, stroke up the forearm using the stones. Repeat steps 1 and 2 ,3 times. 

On the last step, leave the Carnelian in the Client’s hand. Only bringing the Rose Quartz back up.

Step 3: Bring the Rose Quartz across the décolletage, massaging from one side to the other.

Step 4: Bring stone under the upper trap, rolling it over the muscle. 

Step 5: Work the stone into the Deltoid area, to free up the muscles.

Step 6: Bring the stone down to the hand, working through the palm.

I really hope you all enjoyed this little sneak peak of the Heart Harmony Treatment. I am beyond excited to teach as many of you as possible this new treatment at one of our upcoming retreats. You can watch the full video on our Youtube Channel or below.

As always, Love and Light

Sandra Jones-Rider

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