Sodalite Properties

Hi, This is Sandra from Stone Eagle Massage Stones and Training again. Thanks for coming back. Today, like I said, we’re going to talk about ‘Sodalite’.

Now ‘Sodalite’ is a beautiful blue and white speckled stone. This stone is all about the throat chakra, so it’s a wonderful enhancer for allowing that Throat Chakra to open up. 

It’s about expressing yourself and speaking your truth when you use it which helps you to express yourself without aggression as well. It doesn’t have to be confrontational and it should just be light, and easy. This stone really helps with that. 

I love this stone and I love working with it. It helps to ground you and to help you express yourself in a positive way. And we all need a bit of that.

‘Lapis’ is quite similar in its healing properties but ‘Sodalite’ is incredible and I just love this stone. I highly recommend it. If you enjoyed this and want more, check out our blog on Bodhi Stones. Thank you. Love and light.

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