Dreamtime Granite

A Granite Stone found in the Northern Territory of Australia. It has a high Quartz content which aid in it holding the heat for long periods of time. Its a stone that reflect the culture of the aboriginal people of Australia as the stone appears to have been painted by a native aboriginal with colours of the earth. It has healing properties that give endurance and positive energy when being used. It has the ability to also benefit the soft tissue of the body when used.

Intermediate Package

This package is designed for those who want to offer more than one type of Hot Stone treatment for their clients. It includes a 20 …

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Beginners Package

The set that will get you inspired and working with Hot Stones. It includes a 20 piece set in Granite or Marble and a 6lt …

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Indian Head Sets

A combination of Hot and Cold Stones to deliver a complete Indian Head Stone Treatment. It includes 6 small facial stones, 6 Oblong stones and …

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Mini Set 6 Piece

Designed for the therapist who wants to add some Hot Stones to their remedial massage. The benefit of using the stones relieves the pressure off …

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