Stones for the Body

Looking for a set of stones to use in a body massage treatment? Choose between crystals or granite or marble.

We also have individual stones available.

Individual Granite / Marble Stones

Want to add to your existing set or just create your own set? All our stones can be purchased individually.

Each Stone has a unique purpose.

Indian Head Sets

A combination of Hot and Cold Stones to deliver a complete Indian Head Stone Treatment.

It includes 6 small facial stones, 6 Oblong stones and 4 medium Stones for the Hot Component and 4 Cold Stones in Blue Ice Crystal.

Mini Set – 6 Piece

Designed for the therapist who wants to add some Hot Stones to their remedial massage. The benefit of using the stones relieves the pressure off the hands and thumbs allowing the stones to effectively relax the superficial muscles and allow for a deeper release of tension.

It includes 2 palm stones, 2 oblong stones and 2 round Bodhi Stones.

Professional Set – 56 Piece

A professional set covers all placement stones for the back, Chakra Set for the front, neck, sacrum and hand stones as well as palm working stones and oblong working stones to massage the body

Hot Stone Set – 20 Piece

This set is designed for those who are starting out with Hot Stones and would like to include it in their service menu. It includes Placement Stones as well as Working Stones and toe stones. It is available in Australian Granites and Marbles as well as Crystal sets and Semi Precious Stones