Bodhi Stones

Very unique in size and shape. These stones can be used on their own or as a pair to work into certain areas of tightness in the body, for example the neck, arms, upper back as well as the face. They are designed to take the pressure off your thumbs and wrists and allow you work with ease but also effectively to reduce tension in your clients body.

If you only get one stone then this is the stone to buy. It is made up of sedimentary rock or different forms of jade. The round stone is used for the whole body, as is the oval sedimentary bodhi stone. The Flat bodhi Stones however are better used for the face, neck, feet and hands. You can use them on the body as well but they are far more effective on the more delicate areas of the body.

The Stones


Beautiful Stones, hand crafted for practitioner comfort, and infused with vibrational energy and healing properties for your clients.


Our training invites you to expand your knowledge and protect the longevity of your career with safe methods that create gorgeous, unique experiences for clients.


Sandra has combined her knowledge and skills to create many unique and powerful stone massage techniques to enhance your salon’s service menu, and prevent injury for your team and clients