Story of what we do as Therapists and Healers and Why?

Stone Eagle Massage Stones and training know the importance of what you do.
I wanted to share with you a little bit of a story. And it’s a story of why we massage why we do what we do. I know for me, it’s really important to have that connection with people, my hands seem to know what to do. But interestingly enough, when I have a stone in my hand, that also seems to come true. Because the stone is an extension of my hand. It’s not separate from my hand. So all that energy and intention still comes through. But it is really important that you feel that connection with the stone as well. That takes practice and believe me, if you keep practicing, you will get there.

The thing that I found when working with people, is that it would really help draw out that special quality of the person. Now what do I mean by that? You’re giving them the space to heal, the space for were they can find themselves, a space for where they can find their true self. So that’s what we do. It’s not just massage, it’s about inner healing for them, but also for us, because in giving, we are also receiving.

One of the things I always do. Whenever I feel upset or angry with my partner, or even sometimes my child, I give them a massage. Why? Because it restores the love. It restores that feeling of gratitude, and that reconnection with them. Sometimes when I start I might be a bit upset with them but by the end, I feel the love with them again. Something to think about and it’s something traditionally Indian people do with their families. So it’s something that we do as therapists and it’s powerful and very rewarding.

Remember to just love what you do.

Love and Light

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