Teardrop Crystals

Tear Drop Crystals can be used Heated or Chilled and come in a variety of Crystals and Semi precious Stones. They are shaped with a slight dip in the back so your fingers rest there comfortably and you can work with ease.

A Stone designed to work on the face or hands and feet. It will hold the heat well or you can use them chilled as well.

They are made from semi precious and crystal stones. When used on the face they will work great over the entire area and the neck as well.

Use the larger end to press up into the base of the skull to release tight muscles but be sure not to massage over the spine. Use them flat on the forehead to reduce tension and frown lines. When uses these stones on the hands and feet they are best used heated. Work on pressure points as well as reflexology points.

The Stones


Agate Teardrop crystal- clearing away negative energy

Amazonite teardrop- heart healing stone

Desert Jasper Teardrop- grounding stone

Rhodonite teardrop Crystal- helps healing the heart chakra and stimulates compassion

Indigo Gabbro Teardrop crystal- excellent for intuitive learning

Crocodile Jasper- Stimulates the immune system

Petrified Wood Teardrop- calms and secures you and helps to keep your energy up all day

Rose Quartz Teardrop- Heart connecting stone. Calms the skin