The Story of Stone Eagle

Hi, I’m Sandra from Stone Eagle Massage Stones and Training and I want to tell you a little bit about our story, and how we actually began. I’ve been a therapist since 1991 and I’ve been overseas to America and done a lot of extensive training over there. I came back to Australia in 2003 and I started teaching Hot Stone Therapy. 

Now Hot Stone Therapy originally started out with using the basalt stone, that you would know is like the black riverbed stone that you see around a lot. It’s actually quite a porous stone though, and often the shapes are never the same. They’re not ergonomically correct in your hand when you’re working with them. So this I found frustrating! I asked a really good friend of mine, Brett Smith, (who I knew loved working with stones) if he thought he could create a stone set for me, where I gave him the dimensions of the stones, what stones I wanted and could he find a material for me to get a better dynamic tool that I can work with? So that’s exactly what Brett did.

He created Stone Eagle and started out using a Blue Pearl Fleck Granite Stone which we tried out and they were fantastic. They were able to hold the heat extremely well and they were also non porous which meant it didn’t pick up the dead skin cells, and held the heat for longer. It also meant I didn’t have to scrub that stone in between each client. Then Brett started diversifying, and he started getting more focused on Australian granites and marbles. I joined forces with Brett and I was able to show him the treatments that I was doing then we were able to come up with a multitude of different professional sets of high quality stones that people could use.

They’re all handcrafted, and they’re hand crafted with care, attention and love. There is no doubt about that. You will see in every part of the stone, the passion that we have for what we do. We hand craft to ergonomically fit your hand. How incredible is that! And I teach you, showing you exactly how to hold that stone, which is the most important thing, so that you never have to worry about a strain on your wrist or your thumb.

We’ve diversified into semi precious stones and crystals but mainly we try to keep everything Australian because we can see the high quality that is around Australia, and we want to keep everything local and Australian made. We have now gone global. We’re all over the world. And we’re very proud of that because it’s taken a lot of hard work… but we’re here for you. We have much more to offer you with our online training that we have available in all modalities whether it be face or body, or the Indian Head. 

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you grow in your business. That’s our main goal. And it’s also important to remember we’re here to help you heal as well as your client. Now that’s a huge component when you’re working with these healing, vibrational stones. Tag and look at our blogs! Look at our YouTube channel! I have so many things that I share. You will love what we have to offer. I am looking forward to working with you. 

Love and light.

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