Toe Stones

Our toes stones are all hand made and uniquely sit in between the toes for healing and relaxation purposes. They come in a variety of semi precious stones and crystals. The set of 8 stones comes with a handy mesh bag for you to place in your heater.

Toe stones are 2cm in diameter and rounded and smoothed to fit in between your toes. Each stone has it’s own healing vibrational energy which assists in helping to ground you and when you use the stones heated you can massage in through the metatarsels of the feet to open up the top of the feet and allow the foot to relax.

When using the toe stones as placement in between the toes it will create a warm feeling in the feet and works on the chest reflexology point. It is advised to leave them in between the toes for at least 15 minutes to get the maximum effect.

The Stones

Black onyx toe stones- grounding and protective

Sodalite toe stones- allows for clear communication

Sandstone toe stones- helps you to make decisions

Green lace agate toe stones – increases compassion and generosity

Snow leopard jasper toe stones- grounding and transforming

Rose Quartz toe stones-Healing the heart chakra

Unakite toe stones- ability to release mental tension

Mookaite jasper toe stones-From WA it is the stone that nurtures the nurturer.