Learning Sacred Stone Techniques That Save Your Body So You Can Honour Theirs

As a massage therapist, you are your business. That means there’s no time for an unplanned day off, and certainly no room for an injury. 

We thoroughly believe that if you finish sessions in pain, then it’s time to change your hot stone technique before injuries force you to change your career.

We deliver hands-on sacred hot stones training in five different modalities using chilled and heated stones. 

  1. Heated and Chilled Stone Body Course
  2. Chakra Body Balance Course
  3. Crystal Stone Facial Course
  4. Indian Head Stone Course
  5. Mini Magic Hot Stone Course

Beyond leaving you fully competent in stone application, with Stone Eagle you gain access to marketing support and an online community of like-minded massage professionals to help you grow your business.

Recognised as one of Australia’s leading trainers in stone massage therapy, Stone Eagle owner and lead trainer Sandra Jones-Rider has taught students of all levels in the proper technique and use of hot and cold stones for a complete warm stone massage.

Sprained wrists and RSI (repetitive strain injuries) are far too common in the massage industry. Our training invites you to expand your knowledge and protect the longevity of your career with safe methods that create gorgeous, unique experiences for clients. 

Our training is delivered online, in-salon or at one of our training centres in major cities and a number of regional centres across Australia.

Our training is delivered online, in-salon or at one of our training centres in major cities and a number of regional centres across Australia.

I am so happy with this course! I was looking for this exact course and it has exceeded all of my imaginings. Sandra is such a loving Intuitive trainer and really makes the whole journey so special.

I’m very excited to bring this knowledge to my clients and I am sure that they will continue to come to indulge often. My deepest gratitude to Sandra and her team for making my dream become a reality. Thank you so much!

Nicole Strufer, Nicole’s Massage and Therapies, Vic

Absolutely amazing Indian Head Stone Massage training session today with Sandra! Sandra has a very positive energy and is a very thorough teacher.

She provides a safe and homey atmosphere to learn in, I felt very comfortable in her space. Not only that, but the stones she sells are beautiful and absolutely fantastic to massage with. It is great to learn a different mode of massage as my fingers and thumbs do not ache at all! Will definitely do another course with her!

Kristy Lee

Sandra is an amazing, caring person that is so passionate about what she does.

I did the heart harmony course it was incredible & it was what I had been searching for as a healer. I now feel incredibly enlightened by this & have my clients feeling amazing within & I am now not feeling drained or exhausted. Thank you Sandra for all your help & support, I cannot wait to work with you again on more teaching with the crystals. 5 stars all the way! Highly recommend

Bec Kaiser, QLD

I attended the Hot Cold Stone Massage Course in May 2016 – It was so beneficial – having these skills has improved my clients experience and massage outcomes. I constantly get feedback that they make a huge difference to their recovery. The skills Sandra taught have allowed me to have the confidence to modify my massage and provide a deep tissue / remedial hot rock experience! Clients are loving it. I have also used the stones to help some really sore and injured clients. The quality of my rocks are amazing. All in all this is a highly recommended course. Sandra and Hot Rocks – seriously ROCK! Thank you

Donna-marie Audas, Elements Massage, Townsville, QLD

I would like to say ‘A Big Thankyou’ to you for the training day on the use of ‘Hot Stones’ and your ongoing support. This training has opened new doors to a network of people and opportunities within a broader community. Your salon environment is welcoming and friendly and provides a professional setting for massage practice. The ‘Stones’ are so delightful to view due to the range you provide and extremely smooth to touch and seemingly possess a magical quality. So ‘Thankyou’ again.

Rayleen Smith, Townsville QLD

Our Training Offers

Online Training

Pairing convenience with quality training, our online delivery allows you to protect yourself with safe stone massage techniques anywhere, and at any time, that suits you. Video modules and live training sessions allow you to learn correct technique, while video or streaming technology allows the Stone Eagle team to assess your technique and provide guidance where necessary.

In-Person Training

Stone Eagle has a number of training centres in capital cities and regional centres across Australia. These group training sessions are held regularly throughout the year, and offer a cost-effective method for enjoying hands-on training with our team.

View training locations page to find a training session near you.

In-Salon Training

For teams of more than eight therapists, the Stone Eagle team will travel to your salon and deliver live training at a time that suits you. Because in the beauty industry, many times you don’t build a business. You build people, and those people build your business. 

Incorrect stone massage technique leads to injury and fatigue, both affecting the productivity and safety of your team. From understanding the correct way to hold the stones, to methods for applying stones that protect wrists and thumbs, investing in team training protects your business long-term. 

Support your team with the skills and techniques to safely deliver a new standard of massage training. Contact our team to enquire about delivering in-salon training for your business. 

I am so grateful to have received hot stone massage training from someone who is so committed and experienced with massage and the knowledge of granite stones. 

I could have saved time and money and been trained in Victoria, but after watching Sandra’s DVD and communicating with her via email, I knew in my heart that Sandra was my teacher. 

Why? Years of experience performing massage Her intimate knowledge of muscles, pressure points and the body The fact that she connects physically and spiritually to her clients For my many many questions, Sandra always had an answer, with a great explanation Sandra is so passionate, authentic, spiritual and committed to sharing her extensive knowledge and experience. 

What did I get from the training? Knowledge of what the hot and cold stone do to the body The correct way to use the stones and to look after my body at the same time The confidence to trust my amazing stones and to work intuitively with them Shown how to correct my grip or should I say over gripping of the stones, to relax and work with them Many different ways to use the stone on different parts of the body, criss cross, Chinese burn, effleurage, pushing into the body, scooping Being aware of how deep the stone would penetrate, depending on the angle I was holding it. Learning of the contraindications and the right questions to ask clients Learning to go slow and flow Better terminology, cool stones rather than cold stones About the stones? I don’t know exactly what it is, but there is something very special about my stones Even my clients say how amazing they are on their bodies. Apart from looking beautiful, unique and polished, they fit in my hand so well and we work together as one. They give me the confidence to get out of my head and I trust that they will move to where they are needed most. The fact that they were hand crafted by Brett and Clay, men who value, respect and appreciate the energies and capabilities of the stones

Jennifer Kyne, Avatar Healing, Victoria


Beautiful Stones, hand crafted for practitioner comfort, and infused with vibrational energy and healing properties for your clients.


Our training invites you to expand your knowledge and protect the longevity of your career with safe methods that create gorgeous, unique experiences for clients.


Sandra has combined her knowledge and skills to create many unique and powerful stone massage techniques to enhance your salon’s service menu, and prevent injury for your team and clients