Harmonise the Chakras and Realign the Body


Description: Full Body Aromatic Heated and Chilled Stone Massage /Crystal Energy Healing & Balancing.

We have created a powerful signature treatment inspired by the healing elements of our sacred stones and Chakra balancing through expertly focused Thermotherapy and Cryotherapy techniques to give the body, soul and mind complete harmony.

We use the vibration energy of each stone to rebalance the physical body and bring about inner healing on all levels of the 7 Chakras. This is achieved through subtle movements and techniques designed to activate each individual Chakra point while assisting the muscles to relax and restore.

This is a whole body unique treatment that can be done in 60 minutes or 90 minutes, which allows you to move through each Chakra and stimulate inner healing and reconnect to your true self.

Crystal Chakra Body Balance training will be coming back in 2023!