Why we use Granite and Marble Stones to Massage With

People have often asked me why we use granite and semi precious stones as our massage stones. There’s quite a few different reasons. 

Granite itself is very rich in feldspar and quartz which means it actually will hold the heat for a long period of time, which is wonderful. The other attribute is it’s non porous, therefore it won’t pick up any dead skin cells of your client. It is actually more hygienic. And the reason we have them handcrafted into these shapes is because it will assist you to go deeper into the muscles and create a better therapeutic result for your client. So that’s why I absolutely love using granite. 

Basalt is often a stone that is used by many other therapists, I too love basalt. However, it has things that make it less desirable, the things like its porous so it will pick up the dead skin cells. So you need to scrub it in between clients, which makes it more time consuming. It also unfortunately will not hold the heat as long as a granite does. So therefore I have prefered to use granite whenever I’m working with them. 

The reason we use semi precious is because those semi precious stones have their own healing ability within them. Each stone represents an energy and vibration that can create change in your client but also yourself as a therapist when you’re working with them. They’re far more powerful and they will hold the heat a lot longer than granite even does. So that is another reason we use those semi precious stones. Our warm stone set or a Hot stone set that we are going to be using I want to break it down for you. This is your neck stone which is actually a placement stone. And then we have our Sacrum stone which is also a placement stone. We also use what we call our teardrop as a placement but also as a working tool. We have four medium stones or palm stones, these are working tools. Then we have our oblong stones. This is the thick oblong and this is out thin, so that will work different areas of the body, which you will see in the video content. We can’t forget the wonderful toe stones, we have 8 toe stones. This is a mookaite jasper, they will slip in between the toes. And that’s our set. 

This is the stone heater you’ll be using through your training. So I just wanted to talk a little bit about the stone heater. It can carry up to six liters of water. But what we actually do is we make sure we’ve got a cloth in the bottom of our heater. Usually a lighter cloth, white or cream and then we place our stones in to the Heater and pour water in. Place the lid on top to heat the stones. If we need to heat the stones very quickly, we can bring it all the way around to preheat and that will actually be ready in five minutes. But this will feel very hot. So personally I prefer to heat it slower. So I usually have it in that little gap mark that you’ll see on your heater. That’s a good spot to put it on to heat the stones up slowly. Now you’ll find with the lid on it will heat quite well. When you’re working you need to have that lid off. The other aspects with this heater is when you finish for the day you can actually grab the insert out and take it to you sink to wash your stones. So it’s a lot easier for you then carrying the whole heater with you, which is wonderful. The handles here, they actually won’t heat up. But you do need to be mindful that the outside of the heater will get warm so be careful not to touch it or accidentally tap it with the back of your hand because it can get quite hot. We use a scoop to get the stones out and we must keep an eye on the temperature so I just use a cooking thermometer or you can also use a digital heater and control the temperature that way.

As I’m working with the stones. The best way to clean them is when you finish taking the stones out. I just use warm soapy water to clean around the inside. And then I spray with tea tree oil. And that’s really all you need to do. 

Love your stones and they will work hard for you.

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  1. Hello Sandra l live in England so can t come to your courses l am a level 3 beauty and therapy student l am trying to do a career chance l did my level 2 a couple of years ago when l was Pregnant with my second son l am 50 years old and after my Maternity leave with my son covid came l work presently in care and did nursing at my local hospital for years l work in mental health but find it Satisfying now we are doing massage at the moment at college l love your wedsite and would like to learn more your Granite stones for the body how much are they and some of your Precious stones like agate for mental well-being l am interested in please could you sent me this information and how much your training pack is can you Combine different precious stones when in treatment look for would to hearing from soon you merry xmas and happy new.

  2. Hi Sandra,

    I too live in England and love the idea of granite stones for massage. I am currently using basalt stones and have found they pick up dead skin cells as you stated.

    Can you give me a price for the granite stones alone, without the requirement for further training as well please?
    Thank you for making the videos as they are very informative.
    Kind regards,



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