Working From The Heart

Hi, I’m Sandra from Stone Eagle Massage Stones and Training. I wanted to share with you a little bit about the Heart Chakra and the concept of working with your Heart open, how important that is. Often when we’re in the moments of feeling a lot of struggle and pain, we’re working with our minds and not our hearts.

And as therapists, it’s important to work with that heart fully open. Because when it is open, we allow that connection to start to happen with people, with your client it’s about feeling what’s going on for them, and to get the best result possible for them.

I know when I work with an open heart I can feel the energy shifting within my client as well as myself. So it’s a really a treatment for you as well when you’re working with stones.

I love to work with the rose quartz. This beautiful stone, and I like to work with the green aventurine on Heart Chakra because these two stones really do help open up your heart chakra.

So what is it? When we’re working through the heart? What’s it feel like? What should it feel like? Because some people may not be aware of that connection that can happen when you’re working through your heart or living your life with an open heart. These are really important things. So let me share a little bit about what it’s like to have that heart fully open and to be working with an open heart.

Your heart rather than your Mind is the source of wisdom, healing and love. It’s also very smart. It’s the heart that can feel life, connect with it through resonance. It knows how to include rather than exclude, to accept rather than judge, to allow, rather than resist. 

If you pay attention, you’ll notice that the energy in your chest opens up. When you think of a beautiful memory of someone that brought you joy and filled you with love. Now, call up a time when you are angry, and reactive. And notice that the energy in your chest actually closes down. Now pull up that first memory again, that memory that gave you joy and made you feel love, and allow your heart to glow again. Now that’s really having a fully open heart. 

Your experience of life is completely different when you learn how to feel it with your heart, rather than thinking about it with your mind. You lived with an open heart when you were very young, but like most people, you were scared out of it. In order to not continually suffer the pain of a broken heart, you ran away to your head. You will like sleeping beauty, pricking your finger on the spindle of thoughts, falling asleep to the power of your heart. But you, like Sleeping Beauty, can wake up again. As you discover how to listen to your heart and trust it again, you will discover that it is the wisest guide and friend you will ever have. 

Your heart is the gatekeeper for the energy of aliveness that you really are. The more closed your heart is, the more depressed you feel. And the more cut off you are from the flow of life. The more open your heart is, the more you have access to your natural state, of wellbeing and ease no matter what is happening around. Is it possible to live a life in which your reactive mind does not close down the wisdom of your heart?

And this is what this journey we are on is all about. When you’ve seen through clouds, enough that your heart feels safe to open again, rather than being an object in your mind, life becomes subject of your heart. Every single part of you, even the so-called unacceptable part is woven back into your heart.

 Also, rather than experiencing people through your wanting and resisting mind, you experience them through your heart, even difficult people.  So you can see the heart, and working through the heart, It’s a powerful connection you can have, with people in your everyday life with your clients that are coming to see you. Having your heart open is a big thing, and it’s scary. And I’ll be honest, my heart isn’t always open. You know, I have moments where I’m more reactive. I think it’s kind of like part of learning that the more I work on that, the closer I become to feeling that completely all the time. But I do find that the stones really do help me by the earth connection of the stone with my client. Thanks for reading and hope you have received an open heart today.

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