Working the Upper Back area of the Body with Hot Stones

Today I’m gonna show you some moves to work the scapula area.

So we’re gonna be working the rhomboid muscles and then up into the neck.

So I’m going to apply some oil to our model first…making sure you evenly spread the oil.

So when we think about exposing the scapula, it’s important that we work with your client. If they’re flexible enough we can bring their arm up to expose their scapula, if they’re not flexible enough, I bring their arm up to a 90-degree angle and raise from the front of the deltoid to expose the scapula. But our models flexible enough. So I will start with the oblong stone. So if we need to, we cool the stone down on the upper arm. Then we hold it like so, fingers are holding the top, and then we apply pressure is from the endpoint from the hand. Starting at the base of the scapula, we’re going to move up along the outside of the scapula back and forth with the stone. Slow is better

Making sure we don’t run over from the scapula bone. Stone and bone do not go well together.

We can now work the rhomboid muscles

We apply a little bit of pressure out towards the spine and then relax back to towards the scapula.

Pressure out and relax back to the scapula

You can work quite deep here. 

Of course we always have to make sure we’re working with our client. Now, you can give the scapular a lovely stretch here. What I do is support the arm and bring the stone down and stretch out.

Now I wouldn’t be able to do this if someone’s had a dislocated shoulder.

But Today we can.

Bring their arm back down using the other thicker oblong stone…

Cool it down first, and then I’m going to add some pressure pushing down into the upper trap.

So the pressure’s going towards the foot. I’m going to scoop up to the base of the skull.

This is kind of like a stretching that releases all the neck muscles too.

Then back down.

So there are just a few moves you can use. Thanks so much for reading my blog.

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